Why Isn’t Radio Working?

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I recently stumbled across a message like this on a forum. You’ve probably seen or heard something similar yourself.

“.. we’ve had advertisers buy packages and then back away. They say their radio ads didn’t work. I asked what did work and they said [nothing did].

Sound familiar?

Is it our society who is oblivious to advertising?

Yes. Absolutely, yes.

Any thoughts on what is affecting the masses to be deaf and dumb regarding radio advertising.”

A few, yes. Continue reading

Why Are Dealerships Like This?

BuyMeEyesBleedIt’s not really a secret … it’s usually pretty painful listening to ads for vehicles. (Like looking at that gif.)

“Why is that,” you might wonder. No, let’s be real here – you already know. It’s because almost exclusively, the person in charge of advertising at a dealership is … in sales.

Oh yes, you might think that should make them somewhat perfect for arranging their ads. After all, they sell cars – you want to help them sell cars – everyone should be on the same page, right?

Wrong. Continue reading

Can You Really Just Blame THEM?

BlameIt’s easy to just blame your bad copy on the marketing consultant giving you bad information. And sure, every now and then that IS the reason your ad sucked.

But before you exonerate yourself from all blame here, have you sat down and thought about what you have done to train them to get the information you need?

They’re trained on how to close a sale and chase new leads. Very few marketing consultants out there have one iota of training on how to write an effective ad – or what information is needed to do so.

So … how do they know what you need to get your job done and write the best ad for your – and their – clients?  Continue reading

Finding the Story

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Whats-Your-Story-Sticky-NoteDo you know what your client’s story is?  Do they?

It’s a serious question, with serious repercussions when it comes to their advertising.

No, not so much with transactional sale ads – but with long-term branding.

When it comes to branding a client, their story is vital. It’s the hard truth of their business. It’s their raison d’être. It’s the fuel to your impending advertising inferno.

So, how do you find it?

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