Can You Really Just Blame THEM?

BlameIt’s easy to just blame your bad copy on the marketing consultant giving you bad information. And sure, every now and then that IS the reason your ad sucked.

But before you exonerate yourself from all blame here, have you sat down and thought about what you have done to train them to get the information you need?

They’re trained on how to close a sale and chase new leads. Very few marketing consultants out there have one iota of training on how to write an effective ad – or what information is needed to do so.

So … how do they know what you need to get your job done and write the best ad for your – and their – clients? 

You need to train them.

It doesn’t need to be a one-day, all-out, learn-it-all bootcamp. Odds are you didn’t learn all you know about writing great, effective ads in one day. If you did, I commend you. It’s taken me years – and I still learn new things all the time.

It can be as simple as keeping a list of problems you’ve encountered with your copy information each week, and scheduling a 15 or 30 minute weekly meeting to discuss the issues – and how they can be rectified.

Are they lacking critical details every time they submit an order to be written? Let them know. Tell them why you need that information – so next time, they will think to get that from the client. Eventually, it will be second nature to them, and your day will be that much less frustrating.

Remember, the blame isn’t squarely on them. You have a role in training them to get the information you need as well. The more effective you are at doing that, the more effective they will be at getting the important information, the more effective your ads will be, and the happier everyone will be … including your clients when they see better results!

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