Content is NO LONGER King

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'Content' is NO LONGER king.

I was reading an article this week from Eric Blais – “Rethinking Media – Is content still king.” He proposes that content has become a commodity. And I don’t disagree with him.

But I think it’s time to re-create that decades old line, most often attributed to Bill Gates. “Content” in and of itself is no longer king. It IS a commodity today. Everyone is making it. BUT – there’s always a but – RELEVANT, REPUTABLE content is still media gold.

RELEVANT, REPUTABLE content is king.

The Radio Ad Writer

Look at all of the top content producers out there – whether it’s traditional media, news outlets, even YouTube. What do they have in common? They produce RELEVANT content to their visitors/viewers … and they’ve worked to become a REPUTABLE source of relevant information.

You can apply the same principle to commercials. There is a LOT of commercial ‘content’ on the air. But how much of it has value to listeners? How much of it is relevant and reputable – and how much of it is ad speak and noise?

If it doesn’t speak to the listener’s needs, it’s not relevant. If it sounds like a brochure, if it’s full of ‘convenient locations’ and ‘family owned since bread didn’t come sliced,’ it won’t be heard as reputable either. It will just be another announcer barking words over music.

Content is dead. Long live relevant, reputable content!

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