Yes, I draw too.

Yes, I draw too.

This site is the twisted brainchild of Chris Pollard, a genuine, bonafide, certified radio ad writer in Canada. I’ve been in the industry since 1996, and have been crafting ads since 1997. Over the years, my creative has gone across Canada, and was presented internationally at a World Health Organization conference.

In conversations with my ad writing colleagues, we came to the conclusion that there just aren’t very many GOOD online resources for radio ad writers. Oh yes, there ARE bits of advice out there on “how to write radio ads” … spewed forth by people who obviously haven’t worked in the industry five minutes, or worse, DID work in the industry 20 years ago, or worse yet, still DO work in the industry and … shouldn’t. What pushed me over the edge one day was finding articles on how to write radio ads from insurance agents.  Yeah – because they’re qualified!

Yes, there ARE certainly some great online resources for radio ad writers. I’m talking the big guns of the modern advertising world like Roy H. Williams (aka the Wizard of Ads) and Blaine Parker (author of Billion Dollar Branding and Be The Cat). And by all means, DO subscribe to their weekly emails, the Monday Morning Memo, and Hot Shots, respectively. They are amazing sources of insight and ideas. I’ve also become a great fan of Mr. Bob Hoffman (aka The Ad Contrarian) and his blogging rants about the state of advertising in the modern age with a no bullshit style. You’ll find links to all on this site. I suggest checking them out for inspiration, thought provocation, and insight to an industry gone mad.

Content may be filled with insanity, stupidity, profanity, mundanity, profundity, and outright lies.  Read, digest, and regurgitate at your own risk.

Legal mumbo jumbo:  The views expressed are mine alone and do not in any way reflect the views of my employer.  Blah blah blah etc etc. This is all me, baby.