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Why Are Dealerships Like This?

It’s not really a secret … it’s usually pretty painful listening to ads for vehicles. (Like looking at that gif.) “Why is that,” you might wonder. No, let’s be real here – you already know. It’s because almost exclusively, the person in charge of advertising at a dealership is … in sales. Oh yes, you might think that should make them… Read more »

We’re So Great!

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“OMG! LOOK AT US! WE’RE SUPER AWESOME!” Seriously. Sometimes, our clients want us to spend 30 seconds preaching to the world about the splendiferousness (yeah, real word there!) of their existence. Usually, it happens when they’ve won some sort of award for something fairly meaningless to the general listening population – but they’re super-stoked about it. Here’s a little message, intended specifically… Read more »