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Content is NO LONGER King

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'Content' is NO LONGER king.

I think it’s time to re-create that decades old line, most often attributed to Bill Gates. “Content” in and of itself is no longer king. It IS a commodity today. Everyone is making it. BUT – there’s always a but – RELEVANT, REPUTABLE content is still media gold.

Triggering Events

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What makes people pull the proverbial trigger and buy? Naturally, as ad writers, we’d love nothing more than a firm belief that our finely crafted words are the sole reason people get up off the couch, hop in the car, and drive off – on a mission to spend their hard-earned money. Deluded much? Reality check – every purchase has… Read more »

The Dangling Conversation

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Clients love to dangle it out there. The request you have every God-given right to dread. The two voicer. It sounds innocent. Oh, yes, it sounds innocent. Innocent like a three year old with a Popsicle on a hot, sunny July afternoon, you’re thinking. No, this … this is a 100 megaton H-Bomb in a Sunday dress. And should you treat it the… Read more »