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Things you really shouldn’t do, and what you can do to fix them.

3 .. 2 .. 1 .. False Urgency!

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One of my absolute favourite … completely under-used** ad devices has to be the daily countdown ad. ** by favourite and underused, I really mean most hated and over-used. In case my sarcasm was lost on you, dear reader. Yes, there’s nothing like that instant urgency created by such clever means as: You only have 16 days to save! You only have 15 days to… Read more »

You Say Nothing at All

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But, but, BUT! I filled that 30 seconds with all of the information the client wanted! Squeezed in every last banality! Congrats. You’ve just crafted an audio print ad and used a small font. The client doesn’t know what they need! Yes, they know what they WANT. They WANT to sell copious amounts of widgets or gizmos or whatsits or,… Read more »