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Why Isn’t Radio Working?

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I recently stumbled across a message like this on a forum. You’ve probably seen or heard something similar yourself. “.. we’ve had advertisers buy packages and then back away. They say their radio ads didn’t work. I asked what did work and they said [nothing did]. Sound familiar? Is it our society who is oblivious to advertising? Yes. Absolutely, yes…. Read more »

Take Off The Blinders

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Your client has their business model down to a spreadsheet. Okay, maybe it’s a dozen spreadsheets, but it’s no longer trial and error. There is no guesswork. Everything they do is itemized and has a dollar figure attached to it. They’re totally in tune with every single aspect of what they do. Their accountants all agree! There’s nothing that goes on… Read more »

Just Say No

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I’m going to make this one pretty short and sweet today. Just say no. WHATWHATWHAT?? Sometimes, our clients are wrong. Whatever their brilliant idea is, it’s bad, and you know it. So tell them. Now, I’m not saying to just run around, all willy-nilly, shouting NO from the rooftops, without a reason. That would be hashtag: stupid. (Yes, I did… Read more »