Finding the Story

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Whats-Your-Story-Sticky-NoteDo you know what your client’s story is?  Do they?

It’s a serious question, with serious repercussions when it comes to their advertising.

No, not so much with transactional sale ads – but with long-term branding.

When it comes to branding a client, their story is vital. It’s the hard truth of their business. It’s their raison d’être. It’s the fuel to your impending advertising inferno.

So, how do you find it?

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Take Off The Blinders

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BlindersYour client has their business model down to a spreadsheet. Okay, maybe it’s a dozen spreadsheets, but it’s no longer trial and error. There is no guesswork. Everything they do is itemized and has a dollar figure attached to it.

They’re totally in tune with every single aspect of what they do. Their accountants all agree!

There’s nothing that goes on inside their four walls that they don’t know about. Their vision is a rose-coloured wonderland. Now they’ve come to you to pitch their vision to the world.

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Frequent Flyers

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store flyersI’m not talking about your favourite jet-setters – I’m talking about marketing consultants who walk past your desk and frequently just drop flyers on it.

Is this the best thing, or worst thing, to happen to your day when it occurs?

That can depend on what just landed in front of you.

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Triggering Events

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trigger-fingerWhat makes people pull the proverbial trigger and buy?

Naturally, as ad writers, we’d love nothing more than a firm belief that our finely crafted words are the sole reason people get up off the couch, hop in the car, and drive off – on a mission to spend their hard-earned money.

Deluded much?

Reality check – every purchase has a triggering event. Odds are it is not your finely crafted, expertly produced, joy-inducing 30 seconds of shameless promotion. Unless that bad boy says free T-Bone steaks, limit 20 pounds, while supplies last. You put that on the air, it will trigger a need whether there is one or not.

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We’re So Great!

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Seriously. Sometimes, our clients want us to spend 30 seconds preaching to the world about the splendiferousness (yeah, real word there!) of their existence.

Usually, it happens when they’ve won some sort of award for something fairly meaningless to the general listening population – but they’re super-stoked about it.

Here’s a little message, intended specifically for these businesses – not the writers out there:

Nobody else cares.

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