Just Say No

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I’m going to make this one pretty short and sweet today.

Just say no.


Sometimes, our clients are wrong. Whatever their brilliant idea is, it’s bad, and you know it.

So tell them.

Now, I’m not saying to just run around, all willy-nilly, shouting NO from the rooftops, without a reason. That would be hashtag: stupid. (Yes, I did just write out hashtag in order to emphasize the level of stupid that would be. You’re welcome.)

“Okay, keyboard-monkey-boy, when should I say no then?”

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Timing Your Script

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In the days of the typewriter, (yes, I started out doing this on a typewriter!) we had lovely pre-formatted template pages with little marker lines that indicated 15/30/45/60 seconds by the number of lines of text that were typed out.

And it worked … ish.

Naturally, you had to take it for what it was, a very rough guideline.

Today, our word processors give us all sorts of advantages over the typewriter. Two of them are word counts and character counts.

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BankruptNobody really wants to talk about bankruptcy.

And why would you? It’s a distasteful subject laced with feelings of failure, depression, embarrassment, and anger.

This is not the realm of cheery announcers pitching the wonders of the latest half price sale.

Not by a long shot.

This is a challenge from the word go: getting people to consider that option of truly last resort. An option that will have fiscal repercussions for many years to come.

So … how do you do it?

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3 .. 2 .. 1 .. False Urgency!

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One of my absolute favourite … completely under-used** ad devices has to be the daily countdown ad.

** by favourite and underused, I really mean most hated and over-used. In case my sarcasm was lost on you, dear reader.

Yes, there’s nothing like that instant urgency created by such clever means as:

You only have 16 days to save!
You only have 15 days to save!
You only have 14 days to save!
You only have 13 days to save!
You only have blood pouring from your eyes and ears contemplating this ad running verbatim with a new number for the next 12 days!

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