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Content is NO LONGER King

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'Content' is NO LONGER king.

I think it’s time to re-create that decades old line, most often attributed to Bill Gates. “Content” in and of itself is no longer king. It IS a commodity today. Everyone is making it. BUT – there’s always a but – RELEVANT, REPUTABLE content is still media gold.

Why Are Dealerships Like This?

It’s not really a secret … it’s usually pretty painful listening to ads for vehicles. (Like looking at that gif.) “Why is that,” you might wonder. No, let’s be real here – you already know. It’s because almost exclusively, the person in charge of advertising at a dealership is … in sales. Oh yes, you might think that should make them… Read more »

From the Department of Gratuitous Gratuities and Redundant Redundancy Reclamations

If you’ve been writing radio ads for any length of time, you’ve had the joy – nay, the unbridled pleasure – of formulating an ad for a government agency, or government-sponsored event. Maybe even a well-meaning client who can’t get beyond their own industry jargon. Billion dollar, multi-syllabic, thesaurus-sourced, committee-approved, Google search-inducing words are your worst enemy. Well, one of… Read more »