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Content is NO LONGER King

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'Content' is NO LONGER king.

I think it’s time to re-create that decades old line, most often attributed to Bill Gates. “Content” in and of itself is no longer king. It IS a commodity today. Everyone is making it. BUT – there’s always a but – RELEVANT, REPUTABLE content is still media gold.

Why Isn’t Radio Working?

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I recently stumbled across a message like this on a forum. You’ve probably seen or heard something similar yourself. “.. we’ve had advertisers buy packages and then back away. They say their radio ads didn’t work. I asked what did work and they said [nothing did]. Sound familiar? Is it our society who is oblivious to advertising? Yes. Absolutely, yes…. Read more »

Triggering Events

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What makes people pull the proverbial trigger and buy? Naturally, as ad writers, we’d love nothing more than a firm belief that our finely crafted words are the sole reason people get up off the couch, hop in the car, and drive off – on a mission to spend their hard-earned money. Deluded much? Reality check – every purchase has… Read more »

Opposites Attract

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Sometimes, when dealing with things like department stores, you’re faced with strange dilemmas. You need to put two things in an ad that are completely and utterly unrelated to each other. Dropping down to a pair of targeted 15s isn’t an option. There isn’t enough to work with to make two 30s that aren’t full of pillowy, marshmallow-y, fluffy crap. Is… Read more »

You’re Bringin’ On The Facepalm

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Sometimes … okay, I’m being generous there … all too frequently we writers are saddled with insurmountable problems before we even start. It’s called bad information. More specifically, it’s called, “Here’s what the client told me they want. Write it.” **facepalm** This is how we end up with requests like a sports bar/restaurant that wants to encourage dine-in FAMILY eating by instructing… Read more »