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Take Off The Blinders

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Your client has their business model down to a spreadsheet. Okay, maybe it’s a dozen spreadsheets, but it’s no longer trial and error. There is no guesswork. Everything they do is itemized and has a dollar figure attached to it. They’re totally in tune with every single aspect of what they do. Their accountants all agree! There’s nothing that goes on… Read more »


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Nobody really wants to talk about bankruptcy. And why would you? It’s a distasteful subject laced with feelings of failure, depression, embarrassment, and anger. This is not the realm of cheery announcers pitching the wonders of the latest half price sale. Not by a long shot. This is a challenge from the word go: getting people to consider that option of truly… Read more »

Find The Weirdness

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Remember that fact sheet, lovingly handed to you by your favourite marketing consultant, for that über exciting event? You know the one. What was it … the drying paint expo? No, that’s not it. Um, snail races! Yeah! It really doesn’t matter. For today’s example, we’re going to use a museum for the client, with the world’s most exotic of… Read more »

One more thing …

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“I love it! It’s great! Oh, can I just add one more thing?” Yes, you’ve honed a FINE radio ad. Marvelled at its sheer brilliance. Held it before the world (of your client) for the final stamp of approval. And they love it! So, how do they reward you for this culmination of your years of experience and laborious efforts… Read more »