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Finding the Story

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Do you know what your client’s story is?  Do they? It’s a serious question, with serious repercussions when it comes to their advertising. No, not so much with transactional sale ads – but with long-term branding. When it comes to branding a client, their story is vital. It’s the hard truth of their business. It’s their raison d’être. It’s the fuel to… Read more »


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Nobody really wants to talk about bankruptcy. And why would you? It’s a distasteful subject laced with feelings of failure, depression, embarrassment, and anger. This is not the realm of cheery announcers pitching the wonders of the latest half price sale. Not by a long shot. This is a challenge from the word go: getting people to consider that option of truly… Read more »

You’re Bringin’ On The Facepalm

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Sometimes … okay, I’m being generous there … all too frequently we writers are saddled with insurmountable problems before we even start. It’s called bad information. More specifically, it’s called, “Here’s what the client told me they want. Write it.” **facepalm** This is how we end up with requests like a sports bar/restaurant that wants to encourage dine-in FAMILY eating by instructing… Read more »

You Say Nothing at All

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But, but, BUT! I filled that 30 seconds with all of the information the client wanted! Squeezed in every last banality! Congrats. You’ve just crafted an audio print ad and used a small font. The client doesn’t know what they need! Yes, they know what they WANT. They WANT to sell copious amounts of widgets or gizmos or whatsits or,… Read more »